Sunday, November 16, 2014

Familiar Day

It's 4:52 p.m. The temperature is falling by the minute.
I close my eyes to stop the chilling wind from blinding them. Every minute slows down and I find myself frozen in time. Suddenly I am an "observer". I see him. The homeless man. He's been sleeping at the bus station for the past few nights. I wonder what he is going to do tonight. He seems restless, almost as if he is lost.. but he's got no place to go. A few steps to the north, then stops and turns around. My eyes are following his movements. I wonder what is it he "feels".

Out of the blue, I remember a day I was walking to work on a Saturday a couple years back. The speeding cars on the highway, made me think of  a sentence once I read somewhere. "We're not going anywhere, although we think we are". Almost half way to my destination, an ominous scene begins to form not too far from me. An animal is hit by a car and is motionless by the side of the street. I got a feeling in the pit of my stomach as I get closer the lifeless figure.
It is a cat. I stop, bend over his body to see if he's breathing. He is gone. Tears form in my eyes, and I'm thinking I should move him.. I don't want his body be abused by "humans' behind the wheels. I struggle with the idea of touching his body.. I walk away... after 50 feet.. I stop.
I have to go back. "I'll put my gloves on, even if I have to throw the gloves away.. I will move you" thinking to myself. I pray that I'm not late.. and that none of the few passing cars have gone over him...

As that memory fades away.. I find myself back on the even colder street, waiting for the bus to come.
It's  5:08 p.m and there is no sign of the bus. It's so cold that I'm shivering and trying to stop myself from shaking.
It is just another day... another familiar day.. in the middle of nowhere.

Monday, May 12, 2014


As the sun declares defeat and leaves the scene,
Shadows and worries join forces,
The last glitter of hope fades away...

Without a trace.

A mind,
Tired and beat,
waits in silence,
The ultimate observer..
Leaves the scene.

From far far away,
There's a whisper,
Yet to be born,
Yet to be free..

A man.. Half.. Alive..

Tuesday, March 11, 2014


I am weak..
It is that simple.

I am tired..
It is that simple.

I am done with this life he says,
"What if today is my last?" he asks.
And I..
Have only one thing to say..
You are weak..
You are..